Sunday 25 June 2017

Sharon Ni Bheolain has 'perspective permanently realigned' on life-changing trip

Laura Butler

Laura Butler

BROADCASTER Sharon Ni Bheolain was moved by the plight of young women living in poverty-stricken Malawi.

The RTE 'Six One' newscaster travelled to Africa last month with a TV crew for charity ActionAid and saw first-hand the hardship endured by many in the country.

The 47-year-old has now told of how her life has changed since meeting the women and was particularly touched by nine-year-old Zione Mkwanda.

Mkwanda, who is being groomed for marriage, is the same age as the anchor's daughter Faye.

Sharon said: "She was tiny. Fragile as a butterfly, her voice a bare whisper, her eyes cast fixedly downwards.

"I met so many wonderful girls and young women on my trip to Malawi - the so-called Warm Heart of Africa.

"But nine-year-old Zione Mkwanda stole my heart and permanently realigned my first-world perspective."

She added in this week's RTE Guide:

"In the blistering heat I listened to a child no older than my own daughter recount hesitantly, but matter-of-factly, the death of her parents and her daily struggle to care and provide for her six younger siblings.

"Zione's timidity and vulnerability set her apart from the other girls I encountered on my field trip with ActionAid. Something I attributed to her never having been to school."

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