Sunday 22 October 2017

Ryan's late revival

Ryan Tubridy
Ryan Tubridy

Will Hanafin

IT WAS Tubs and smiles all round as Ryan Tubridy got the nod as the new presenter of The Late Late Show. Ryan's promising to give the 46-year-old programme a 21st-century twist, but it sounds like it's going back to the future.

One of his revolutionary notions is to revive Gaybo's catchphrase "one for everyone in the audience". "Let's bring that back. Let's not be afraid to say Gay was right," said Ryan. "I think The Late Late is Ireland coming together in the parlour to say, 'How was your week?' I'd like to bring more of that back."

The parlour? History buff Ryan is going to dig up more old relics than archaeologists would on an excavation.

Here are some more exciting futuristic ideas, Ryan!

How about getting someone named Colette to roll things? Maybe try out a toy show at Christmas. You could always make an item out of restoring antiques.

Oh, he's doing that already.

Will Hanafin

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