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Rape Crisis Centre providing extra staff for calls following tonight's Fair City attack scene

Published 10/12/2013 | 08:08

Yvonne is the victim of a vicious attack on tonight's episode of Fair City.
Yvonne Doyle has a third date with a man she met on the internet tonight (Photo: RTE)
Character Yvonne Doyle is the victim of a vicious attack in tonight's Fair City (Photo: RTE)

THE Dublin Rape Crisis Centre is expecting a rush of calls following tonight's explosive episode of Fair City when a leading character is raped.

It is providing extra staff to deal with calls after the scene.

Restaurant owner Yvonne Doyle (played by actress Ciara O'Callaghan) is subjected to the brutal sexual assault by a man she met on the internet.

Rape Crisis Centre director and psychotherapist Ellen O'Malley-Dunlop believes there will be a high volume of calls over tonight's storyline.

The episode of the Dublin soap will see Vino's restaurant owner Yvonne looking forward to her third date with Martin, a man she met online.

She is taken by surprise when he calls into her at the restaurant and says he can't wait to see her that evening after receiving saucy text messages from her all day.

Fair City Eps 191
TX:  Thursday, 5th December 2013
Yvonne is very pleased with her date
Yvonne - Ciara O'Callaghan
Martin - Neill Fleming
Yvonne Doyle (Ciara O'Callaghan) is attacked in a scene on tonight's episode of Fair City . Credit: RTE

After meeting for a drink at McCoy's pub, Yvonne says she wants to let loose and is seen later looking tipsy on her way back to her place with her date.

But after a few more glasses of wine, Yvonne realises she has drunk too much and asks Martin to leave, but he refuses to do so and starts kissing her.

The atmosphere takes a dark turn as Yvonne tries to push him off, telling him she "doesn't want to", but he forces himself on her and rapes her.

Ms O'Malley-Dunlop said the scene is likely to stir up awful memories for women who have gone through a similar ordeal.

She said that in the majority of cases, a woman is raped by someone she knows and not a random stranger.

(The Herald)

You can contact the Dublin Rape Crisis Centre nationwide on 1800 77 88 88

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