Monday 27 March 2017

plane sailing: Ewan earns his wings

Ewan McGregor's great asset is that he's so engagingly boyish, a characteristic the 40-year-old brings not just to movies but to interviews, too, where he's invariably chirpy and unaffected. Maybe it's an act, but I don't think so.

He was at his most winning in Bomber Boys (BBC One), in which he and his pilot brother Colin chronicled the role played by the RAF's Bomber Command during World War Two.

There were vivid reminiscences by nonagenarians who'd flown Lancasters during the conflict and McGregor rightly celebrated their heroism, but he didn't flinch from controversy, either, especially the decision to slaughter German civilians in Cologne, Hamburg and Dresden.

Indeed, he was clearly as distressed by this as he was moved by the courage of the pilots and tailgunners he interviewed.

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