Saturday 23 September 2017

Mrs Brown's Boys: A family affair

Brendan O'Carroll often talks about how much his family means to him, and he is very close to his three children, Danny, Eric and Fiona. Another child, Brendan, died three days after birth due to complications arising from spina bifida.

The cast of Mrs Brown's Boys is almost exclusively made up of family members.

* Jennifer Gibney: his second wife plays the part of Mrs Brown's daughter, Cathy.

* Eilish O'Carroll: his sister stars as Mrs Brown's next-door-neighbour, Winnie.

* Fiona O'Carroll: his only daughter stars as Mrs Brown's daughter-in-law, Maria.

* Danny O'Carroll: his eldest son plays local ne'er do well, Buster Brady.

* Martin Delaney: his son-in-law (Fiona's husband) plays one of Mrs Brown's sons, Martin.


* Amanda Woods: his daughter-in-law (Danny's wife) also plays the part of Mrs Brown's daughter-in-law, Betty.

* Jamie O'Carroll: his grandson plays Mrs Brown's grandson, Bono.

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