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Model Nadia Forde reveals details of estranged parents in upcoming TV tale of Hollywood journey

Published 21/04/2014 | 10:09

Model Nadia Forde models exclusive lingerie label 'Mimi Holliday' in Brown Thomas VIPIRELAND.COM
Model Nadia Forde models exclusive lingerie label 'Mimi Holliday' in Brown Thomas VIPIRELAND.COM
Nadia Forde
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Details of Irish model Nadia Forde’s upbringing and her estranged parents will be discussed as part of her new reality TV show which airs this week. `

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TV producers of the new show ‘Nadia Goes To Hollywood’ met with the model’s estranged parents to make them aware that their family issues may be discussed on the TV3 and 3e series.

Nadia (24) has had no contact with her parents and expresses her feelings about the situation in her new single ‘Haunted’.

“The producers of the show did meet with them as they are part of the story, legal-wise they had to meet them,” the model told The Irish Daily Star.

“I know that they are aware of it. I don’t know anything other than that.”

Nadia, who recently said she doesn’t know where she’d be without the support of her grandmother, said she wasn’t planning on including such personal details in the show.

“Originally I wasn’t going to put any personal stuff to it,” she said.

“As filming went on, we realised that there was just this massive hole of unexplained subjects.

“My parents split up,” she continued, “and they both went their separate ways and neither brought me or my brother up.

“I was brought up by my grandmother from a really young age from about seven or eight.

Irish model Nadia Forde, joins UK actress Carley Stenson and Ashley St. Pierre, Astraea, Lindsey Shaw and director Jason Haigh-Ellery for lunch at the Ivy to film their new reality show about moving to LA, California, USA Pictures: VIPIRELAND.COM

“I would have moved between aunties and uncles and then I’d live one year with my Nana.

“One of us would go with one and the other would go with the other family,” she added.

Nadia Forde's show is set to air this week 

For the past few months the model has been trying to break Hollywood and is set to share her story in the new  three-part TV3 show called ‘Nadia Goes Hollywood’.

“There is a part of me that is excited for people to see it, being able to share what I’ve been doing, but I am really scared,” she told last week’s RTE Guide.

“I am not confident. I second-guess myself all the time. Tension is high at points in the series because it’s such a scary thing to do. Don’t get me wrong, I am so appreciative, but there are moments where I think I can’t do this.”

Nadia’s reality TV show ‘Nadia Goes Hollywood’ is set to air on TV3, Wednesday April 23.

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