Saturday 19 April 2014

Love/Hate's first fatality of the series - Dano blasted to sound of Sinead

Love/Hate Series 3
Jason Barry as Dano
6 part series starts on Sunday November 11th
Jason Barry as Dano. RTÉ One

THERE have been plenty of bloodshed and bathroom brawls but Dano was the first fatality in season four of Love/Hate.

The republican terror boss was left crawling in the mud after being kneecapped by an assailant who told him: "The movement doesn't need riff raff like you."

The scene packed an emotional punch; Sinead O'Connor's This Is A Rebel Song played as Dano fought for his last few breaths. It was an unexpected U-turn for fans and viewers who were nearly sure Nidge was done for when terrorist boss Tony -- played by Sean McGinley -- decided to spare his life. But it came at a price. Tony wants some of the Tiger kidnapping money and also explained that Dano was doing a 'solo run'.

It was a tension-filled and bloody episode, with bouts of extreme road rage and Samurai swords.

Lizzie and Wayne tried yet again to take out King Nidge by breaking into his family home. But the gangland boss managed to escape their grasp. He may have Tony on his side -- sort of -- and avoided Lizzie's gun but time seems to be running out for Nidge.

Last night's episode saw detective Mick Moynihan get a step closer to bringing his criminal gang down.

After successfully planting a bug in Nidge's car, Moynihan and his team overhear talks about bankrupt dentist Andrew and their plans to bring in lidocaine, a mixing agent for drugs.

Series 4 Episode 4 - Sunday October 27th 
Caoilfhionn Dunne as Lizzie and Barry Keoghan as Wayne break into Nidge and Trish's home
Caoilfhionn Dunne as Lizzie and Barry Keoghan as Wayne


Lizzie has always been one dangerous dame -- she killed Ireland's favourite green-eyed gangster. Infuriated with her failed assassination attempt, Lizzie suffers from a serious bout of road rage and attacks a fellow driver with a crowbar -- the way you do...

Nidge has Wayne kidnapped and threatens to torture him but the rushed operation goes awry and everyone ends up getting arrested. It's the perfect chance to lock Nidge up, but cat killer Wayne denies to the garda that he has been kidnapped and they are all released.

Nidge is impressed by the teenager's courage -- perhaps he sees some of himself in the terrorising tyke -- and tells Wayne he could use him on jobs in the future.

With Dano gone and her right-hand man teaming up with her arch nemesis -- things aren't looking good for Lizzie.

A gummy-looking Fran is still furious about his missing central incisors and plans a gruesome revenge on Noely.

(The Herald)

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