Monday 27 February 2017

Browne upset by TV3 shows on Travellers

Nicola AndersonNicola Anderson

Vincent Browne: outspoken
Vincent Browne: outspoken

CONTROVERSIAL broadcaster Vincent Browne has admitted that he is "terribly uncomfortable" with his employer TV3's stance on Travellers.

TV3 has featured programmes like 'The Town the Travellers Took Over', 'Traveller Feuds' and 'Following the Traveller Millions'.

But Browne said they were "appalling, absolutely appall-ing", adding: "To say it was embarrassing doesn't begin to describe it."

Browne revealed he made complaints about the documentaries to senior executives at TV3, including Ben Frow – the former director of programmes.

But he claimed Mr Frow "was just amused at my indignation, which meant I couldn't get anywhere with it".

Browne has also revealed that he is no fan of 'Tallafornia', TV3's answer to 'Jersey Shore', describing it as "utterly obnoxious."

"I watched bits and hated it," he said in an interview with the 'Sunday Times'.

"I hated it because this was posh people laughing at the awkwardness of less privileged people. I felt it was utterly obnoxious."

A spokesman for TV3 defended their output, saying "Vincent's comments were his personal opinion with regards to some shows."

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