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WATCH: Incredible photos capture moment large snake swallows parrot whole

Sarah Jane Murphy

Published 15/12/2015 | 15:17

A king parrot met a very sticky end when he landed too close to a carpet python snake, and was gobbled up whole by the crafty reptile.

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The stunning images were take by a homeowner in Queensland, Australia, and show the snake wrapping its long body around the beautifully coloured bird.

Amazingly, the carpet python managed to carry out this task while hanging from the gutter of a house.

Stuart McKenzie, a famous snake catcher and reptile expert was forwarded the photos by the astonished homeowner.

"Snakes eat birds and birds eat snakes, that's the circle of life," he said.

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Carpet pythons are non-venomous creatures but their bites can be painful if not treated urgently.

King parrots are indigenous to the east coast of Australia and weigh about 250g.

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