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Wednesday 24 September 2014

Wanted: Men to attend sober Dublin disco

Published 16/01/2014 | 14:46

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No pints at this party: This event is all about dancing.

There is a shortage of men up for attending a post-work sober disco, created to replace the gym or afternoon classes.

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The monthly alcohol-free disco, called the After Worky Boogie Club, is looking for more men to come along and enjoy a dance without a pint.

The disco, set to take place at 6.30pm tonight at the Centre for Creative Practices on Dublin's Pembroke Street, usually attracts around 30 people, with around 5 to ten of them being men. Club founder Ed Hurrell said pint-free dancing is highly enjoyable.

"The emphasis is on enjoying music and dancing. Let’s face it, everyone enjoys a good boogie. For whatever reason, it’s appealed more to girls. It would be nice if there was more of a gender balance." he said.

"We're looking for single lads who have a bit of maturity. I think that’s what a lot of girls want. Some guy who hasn’t had 10 pints."

Mr Hurrell has been living in Dublin for around 14 years and is from Northampton, but says the drinking culture in Ireland is the same in England.

"Drink is a massive part of culture, but I think more and more people are realising that there are alternatives," he said.

"I gave up drinking four or five years ago, because I was sick of the hangover. I still went out, but I was like ‘God, I have to do this sober?’. I actually enjoyed it far more.

"If you like music and you enjoy dancing, give this a go. Yeah, you have to be brave, but once you get into it, you’ll find it’s great fun. You enjoy the music more and there are a lot of beautiful girls."

Entry to the After Worky Boogie Club costs €5.

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