Wednesday 26 July 2017

Video: Innovative New Zealand Road Safety Advert goes viral

Caoimhe Gaskin

AN innovative road safety advert made in New Zealand has gone viral.

The powerful advert entitled ‘Mistakes’ attempts to make drivers think twice about speeding.


Two drivers are seen on a path to collision when time slows down and stops, allowing them to get out of their vehicles and talk about the situation.


One man implores the other not to drive into him, as he has his boy in the back, but is confronted with the harsh reality that the other driver is simply going too fast to stop.


Both men get into their cars and despite there only being a split second image of the crash, the emotionally charged ad would give most viewers goose bumps.


The video closes on a simple statement: “Other people make mistakes. Slow Down.”


According to the New Zealand Transport authority statistics there were 262 road crash fatalities last year and there have already been four fatalities recorded in 2014.


The video is currently at 179, 307 views and it is hoped it will help to bring down the number of fatalities on New Zealand roads this year.

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