Saturday 22 July 2017

Outta the way! Adobe's 'Monument Mode' erases unwanted tourists from photos

Selfie at Rome's Colosseum
Selfie at Rome's Colosseum
Tourists queue in front of the Colosseum as notices inform visitors of the temporary closure. (AP)

Sarah-Jane Murphy

US computer software company Adobe held their annual conference yesterday and took the opportunity to showcase the latest technology that they are in the process of producing.

The major talking point was 'Monument Mode', a new feature that will enable smart phone cameras to erase cars, people and other moving objects that may be obscuring famous landmarks in holiday snaps.

An adobe employee showcased the exciting new technology on stage, and called on Parks and Rec star Nick Offerman to act as a tourist who was inadvertently messing up a photo opportunity.

Holding the smart phone screen aloft, Monument Mode was able to erase the 'tourist' from the picture.

The result was a clear, uncluttered image.

Prior to this photographers have had to use Photoshop to edit out unwanted elements from pictures.

Now, Monument Mode makes the process far easier and less time-consuming.

Adobe said that the technology 'uses a new algorithm to distinguish moving objects from fixed ones.'

We cant wait to try this out!

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