Thursday 21 September 2017

Men wearing shorts as dresses becomes latest internet meme

Clare Cullen

Clare Cullen

Micro-blogging website Tumblr has started yet another meme, this time of men wearing shorts as a dress.

The 'meme' is what is known as an "ironic photo fad", and was started by Tumblr user 'chronicallylate'.

The post, which got over 360,000 notes on the site, was quickly added to by multiple bloggers who donned their shorts as dresses to join the trend.

Tumblr user 'Glitterweave' imparted the advice to 'accessorise', while this picture, posted to Imgur, shows how two sets of shorts can be utilised to create sleeves.

The meme has been jokingly dubbed the 'gymshortpocalypse'.

The meme is reminiscent of the ironic photo fad 'How to Wear a Men's Shirt', which involved male bloggers wearing a men's shirt as a dress, following tutorials posted by fashion bloggers on how to wear shirts as dresses.

Below are some examples of 'how to make a cute dress out of shorts'.

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