Saturday 21 October 2017

Gin O'Clock - Boozy advent calender contains a shot for each day of the festive season

The 'Ginvent calander'
Credit: Gin Foundry
The 'Ginvent calander' Credit: Gin Foundry

Sarah-Jane Murphy

Its beginning to look a bit like Christmas.

Thousands of advent calenders will be sold in the run up to the festive season, with some even containing a delicious miniature chocolate.

But what about those who want something more than chocolate to enjoy on those dark December days?

Step forward an advent calender containing 24 windows with a different 30cl sample of gin behind each one.

The brands of gin featured in the advent calenders are all top selling names.

There are two different calenders to choose from - the Ginvent Calender and the Botanical Ginvent Calander.

The Ginvent Calender retails at €156.88, while the Botanical Ginvent Calender will set you back €170.53.

The booze-filled adult treat includes Tarquin’s Hedgerow Edition, an exclusive gin made by the artisan Cornish-based SouthWestern Distillery, Helsinki Gin, the Australian craft-distilled Four Pillars, the Spanish Santamanía and the famous Bathtub Gin.

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