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Monday 22 September 2014

Michael D to be knighted, Chris DeBurgh dead and Robert Sheehan to lead Star Wars - the best and worst of the Irish April Fools offerings

Published 01/04/2014 | 09:52

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Beginning with the Irish productions and ending with media across the water, we take a look at the best and worst April Fools jokes the Irish and worldwide media have to offer our fair isle this year.

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'Chris DePart'.

Clever pun, terrible 'joke'.



George Hook to become new Irish ambassador.

Anyone want to tell Anne Anderson?

 However - and I think we can all agree - if any radio personality was going to be the ambassador, it would be Joe Duffy.


The Sun

Irish Government to introduce new heat tax.

While any mention of tax is bound to get people hot under the collar (thank you) it would be the cheapest tax in the land considering the one day of summer we get most years.


Irish Mirror

Kim Jong-Un bans One Direction from North Korea... until they get his haircut.

Literally anything written about North Korea seems to turn out to be a hoax these days. Can we trust no-one?!


The Metro Herald

Finglas County Council to erect 80-foot high statue of BOD on Clontarf promenade.

A lot of people seem to believe this one.


Irish Daily Mail

Michael D to be knighted while on UK visit.

Paper version only, not online yet.




Robert Sheehan to play lead in Star Wars epic.

Very believable, very exciting but unfortunately very fake.


The Huffington Post

Gareth Bale to 'become English' for World Cup

Taking private speech lessons to lost the Welsh accent was a touch of genius in this story.


The Indy

UN draws up peacekeeping deal in advance of Scottish Independence.

A lot of Scotland related jokes today - The Guardian went with the idea that Scotland would drive on the right to send a signal that they're part of the EU.


The Irish Echo

Australian Channel 'Seven' secure GAA rights deal

Following on from the controversy over the possible Sky GAA deal, this is a brilliant April Fools, enraging the Irish at home and giving the ex-pats a false victory. No free GAA for you... except in pubs, clubs and online.


No matter what we do, Irish media will never beat Jill Biden, the wife of American Vice-President Joe Biden on April's Fools pranks. Speaking on the Rachel Ray show, Biden revealed that his wife is fantastic at pranks.

"One April Fool's Day... we get in Air Force Two, we're flying and I'm saying, 'where the hell is Jill?'" Biden said. "And I open up the baggage compartment on top, above, you know? And she jumps out of the compartment. This is the Second Lady of the United States of America jumping out of the overhead baggage compartment."


Have we missed any? Let us know in the comments or tweet us at IndoEnts!


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