Thursday 27 April 2017

A sorry tail - Cat and mouse in Tom and Jerry style chase

Photos Brian Farrell
Photos Brian Farrell

Sarah-Jane Murphy

Sometimes being small is advantageous when being chased.

But unfortunately for a certain young wood mouse the bigger animal won out after an epic chase.

The plucky rodent decided to take shelter from the decreasing temperatures and made his way towards the back door of a cosy house.

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Photos Brian Farrell
Photos Brian Farrell

Unfortunately for him a cat was watching his every move, shadowing his prey.

The mouse made a brave stand, turning to face his assailant and look death in the eye.

He even made a stand, and precariously balanced upright using his hind legs.

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Then instinct prevailed and he did the sensible thing - he ran.

But nature can be cruel and he was no match for the four legged feline.

RIP Jerry.

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