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Sunday 21 September 2014

5 Most Memorable Rose of Tralee Moments

Published 14/08/2014 | 14:49

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Infamous in Ireland for the 'cringe' factor, the Rose of Tralee has had some very memorable moments over it's 55 year run.

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The most memorable moments of the competition are always going to include several 'cringe;' ones, but we've rounded up the best moments in the show's history - and not exclusively embarrassing ones.

The festival takes a lot of slagging but is one of the most entrenched entities on Irish television and showing no fear of slowing down.

As Daithi O' Sé put it so eloquently - "love it or hate it, it's got a million viewers".

The Dublin Rose Hip Hop Dance

Half a million views on YouTube alone. Half a million!


THAT proposal

The whole "no, no, please God no" response made everyone dive under their couches in embarrassment but it all worked out in the end for the couple, whose wedding website reports that they've been newlyweds for "82 days", having married last May.

Unfortunately, this is what Molly Molloy Gambel (now Molly Molloy Catlett?) is remember for, when she should be remembered for making Daithi O'S dress up like this.




Fixing Allegations

Never without controversy, last year's Rose of Tralee was hit with fixing allegations after the winner's silverware, engraved with the name of the winner, was broadcast on live television - two days before the final.


However, organisers said it was a "coincidence" that the silverware happened to be engraved with the name and crest of the Texas Rose, who won the event two days later, and everyone just sort of forgot about it.


The First Single Mother Enters

In 2011, a pretty big rule change meant that single mothers could enter for the first time, and the first women to step up to the plate was Fiona Canavan, the mother of Realtin Canavan(7).

“This is my last opportunity to enter and it's something I'm inspired by,” Fiona said, hilariously adding “I think it's totally about personality and it's like the lovely ladies festival in Father Ted.”

Captain Daithi O Se minds the  Roses' shoes at Dublin Airport at the launch of the Rose of Tralee Festival
"Right, now, Daithi, you sit there and girls - you run at your shoes, which for some reason are on the ground and not on your feet"
"You know what hasn't been done before? A ZANY escalator shot!" - "Brilliant"
The Roses come armed with an arsenal of saccharine anecdotes and a great gra for Ireland


Mum of seven-year-old who is bidding to be next Rose of Tralee


Ronan O' Gara Becomes A Judge

In 2011, Ronan O' Gara - a self-confessed Rose of Tralee "addict - accepted the invitation to be Newbridge Silverware's representative on the judging panel.

ROG was "honoured to perform this very important role", saying "My wife slags me a lot about it but I'd be glued to the Rose of Tralee every year."

"I'm a traditionalist. Some people think it's cheesy or whatever. I'd be very proud of being Irish and it's nice to see the amusement and the enjoyment so many families get out of the whole programme."


Rugby hero sidesteps the jibes to join Rose of Tralee team


We have to give an honourable mention to the yearly Rose of Tralee photo shoots. While they might not be hugely memorable, they're pretty hilarious.

Have we missed any? Tweet @IndoEnts and let us know!

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