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Awkward! Ed Byrne tackles FHM over mistaking him for Jason Byrne, who they interviewed

Published 18/08/2015 | 07:57

Ed Byrne. No really, this IS Ed.
Ed Byrne. No really, this IS Ed.
It says Jason Byrne in the background so...

A rather awkward twitter spat erupted after FHM mistook Ed Byrne for Jason Byrne, who they had actually interviewed.

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Whilst they're both Irish and both comedians and share the same surname, Ed was understandably miffed that the magazine had made the mix up.

He called them out on Twitter with, "I didn't do this interview.  Clearly you interviewed @thejasonbyrne and got confused. #JournalismFail"

The magazine had interviewed Jason but ran the article not only with images of Ed but with Ed's name in the copy too.

FHM attempted to defend themselves by referring to a 2012 interview they had done with him to prove they knew who he was.

However, Ed denied he had done the 2012 interview too.  "@FMHM It looks like me because you dolts put my name and my photo on it.  I didn't give you the interview.  I'm not ginger!"

Ed then asked them to ask Jason Byrne, who replied with "Totally hilarious Ed.  Next time they'll be doing a piece on my house in Essex!"

Check out the full hilarious exchange, and more, here:

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