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The 10 Best Just a Minute Answers

Published 06/02/2014 | 15:11

Larry Gogan
Larry Gogan

Veteran broadcaster Larry Gogan's Golden Hour has been axed from RTE 2FM's new lineup.

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And in homage to the legend of Irish broadcasting and his famous Just a Minute quiz, here are just ten of the best answers that have been broadcast on his show.


Name something a blind man might use...

A Sword


2. Name the capital of France...



3 Name an occupation where you might need a torch...

A burglar


4. Where is the Taj Mahal?

Opposite the Dental Hospital


5. What was Hitlers first name ?



6.  Complete the saying "As happy as...

A pig in sh**t


7. Can you name a  dangerous race ?

The Arabs


8. The name of a famous bridge....

The Bridge Over Troubled Waters


9. Something people might be allergic to ?



10. What star do travellers follow?

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