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No sugar, no gluten, no craic? Bake Off viewers unimpressed with 'free-from' week as ice cream meltdown sends one baker home

Published 03/09/2015 | 07:40

A Bake Off bikini creation...
A Bake Off bikini creation...
Ugne Bubnaityte has become the fifth contestant to leave The Great British Bake Off (BBC)

No sugar, no gluten… no craic? Bake Off goes free-from to accommodate the rising trends in gluten and sugar free breads and treats, and it’s a tricky one.

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Twitter wasn’t thrilled, as many tune in to GBBO for a bit of oozy, gooey, creamy foodporn.

However watching the perplexed contestants proved very entertaining, particularly when struggling with basic maths and shapes…

bake 1_2.jpg

ke 2.jpg  


Ian Under Pressure

As the week started, Ian was fearing for his fingers and suspeciting the other contestants of wanting to break them. After three weeks at the top, he was due a fall from grace and it came right on schedule thanks to unimpressive pears. Uh-oh.

ake 3.jpg  


SmUgne strikes again

As if it wasn’t difficult enough baking cakes without sugar, Ugne decided to take a risk and go gluten free as well. Mary was sceptical, and was proved correct when the cake collapsed before judging. Ugne wasn’t so smug, and Mary resisted the urge to say “I told you so”.

bake 4.jpg  


You have to pitta a pocket or two…

The gluten free challenge freaked everyone out. Cries of “THIS IS RANK” and “URRRGH” filled the tent, and confused faces abounded.

bake 5.jpg  


“Ugghhh… maths.”

Counting proved to be a bit of an issue this week, even for anaesthetist Tamal. Baking saidn pittas nearly defeated both him and Alvin, who couldn’t tell the difference between a pitta and a naan, or decide between a triangle and an oblong. The result? Bottom two for both of them in the technical challenge.

bake 6.jpg

bake 7.jpg


“You can do the twiddly bits, Ian”

He may have been on a roll, but Ian suffered a crisis of confidence when confronted with making a dairy free ice-cream roll, as did everyone else in fairness. Freezing is often tricky on Bake Off – remember the Baked Alaska incident of 2014? Best not to mention it, actually.

ake 8.jpg  


Contestant Paul the Creator

Making bikini clad ladies to perch atop a frozen cake? All in a day’s work for Contestant Paul, who’s trying to recreate the bromantic magic of the early weeks with fellow silver fox Judge Paul. Instead, he managed to scandalise Mel and Sue by revealing a bit too much bikini line on his marzipan madmoiselle. 

ake 9.jpg  


“I love these hanging nuts”

Free-from week didn’t bring much in the way of innuendo, but you can rely on Sue to get a couple of classic lines in. Mat’s hanging nuts were impressive.

bake 10.jpg  


Tamal the hottie

The women of Twitter seemed quite giddy for Tamal this week. And who can blame them?




Ib the end Lithuanian body builder Ugne became the fifth contestant to be frozen out of the BBC show, after her dairy-free ice cream roll was branded a mess by judges Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry.  Roll on next week, when the bakers will tackle pastry and soggy bottoms shall reign supreme!

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