Monday 24 April 2017

Who attacks EastEnders Aunt Babe? The five key suspects revealed

Linda discovers an unconscious Babe. Photo: EastEnders / BBC
Linda discovers an unconscious Babe. Photo: EastEnders / BBC
Babe plays havoc at The Vic. Aunt Babe (ANNETTE BADLAND), Claudette Hubbard (ELLEN THOMAS) - (C) BBC - Photographer: Jack Barnes
Abi Branning and Babe Smith. Photo: EastEnders / BBC
Sylvie Carter and Babe Smith. Photo: EastEnders / BBC
Lee and Whitney. Photo: EastEnders / BBC
Babe with Pam and Les Coker. Photo: EastEnders / BBC
Whitney and Linda discover an unconscious Babe. Photo: EastEnders / BBC

Sasha Brady

EastEnders villian Babe Smith is left for dead after a grisly attack in the Queen Vic.

The residents of Albert Square will be in shock when Linda and Whitney discover an unconscious Babe in the Queen Vic in an episode that's due to be aired in the week beginning August 15.

It appears that she is the victim of a revenge attack but Babe (played by Annette Badland) has made many enemies in Walford. A number of people could have carried out the mysterious attack.

Here are five key suspects:

Claudette Hubbard


She murdered her ex husband Henry and likely Gavin Sullivan too so another killing wouldn't be too much of a push for Claudette. Now that she's aware that Babe is blackmailing her good friends Pam and Les, could she take 'take care' of the problem by attacking Babe?

Abi Branning


This could be the moment Abi gets her own back on Babe after months of cruel manipulation, including forcing her to fake a pregnancy, sleep with someone else (Lee) and burning her hand. Babe has warned Abi to watch her back but maybe Babe needs to keep an eye on Abi?

Sylvie Carter


Sylvie and Babe have been feuding for decades and even came to physical blows after Stan's death. Despite suffering from dementia Sylive was quick to gloat when it was revealed that Babe had been on her uppers in last Friday's episode. Could she decide to end the feud once and for all with a deadly attack?

Lee Carter


He's been struggling to get back into Whitney's good books ever since it was revealed that the chlamydia was a result of him sleeping with Abi. Could he take deadly revenge on Babe now that he knows she was the chief schemer? He's been emotionally volatile in the previous episodes so anything is possible.

Pam and Les Coker


The top suspects in the game. Babe blackmailed Pam and Les after finding out about his cross-dressing secret. The Cokers are also still mourning the death of their grandson Paul so they could act in a way that's completely out of character for them in grief . We know that the Cokers are set to leave the BBC1 soap soon so could they be heading to prison or fleeing Albert Square as a result of the attack?

Bonus mention: Linda Carter


It's hard to imagine that Linda could be capable of such a heinous crime but it's EastEnders so anything is possible. Last week the Carter matriarch was disgusted when she found out that Babe used to run a 'human baby farm'. We know that Kellie Bright is taking time off from EastEnders as she's pregnant with her second child so her temporary exit could fit into the storyline.

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