Wednesday 26 October 2016

WATCH: New dater Brian hilariously goes against all his own advice on tonight's First Dates

Published 12/05/2016 | 12:17

Brian and Sarah on First Dates Ireland
Brian and Sarah on First Dates Ireland

A new batch of daters hit the First Dates restaurant tonight and newbie Brian makes quite an impact.

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He's described as a "Wicklow bad boy" but there's no evidence of his bad side when he's faced with the stunning Sarah.

In his VT Brian waxes lyrical about not being "the guy to get up and go straight in the face, 'I fancy you'.  I think that if you're that kind of guy no one will ever fancy you.

"Even if she does fancy you back straight away she'll be like, 'this lad's a needy whatever...'. That wouldn't be how  I'd get something I wanted."

Brian on First Dates Ireland
Brian on First Dates Ireland

Cut to Brian in the First Dates restaurant with Sarah, appearing to do exactly what he said he never does.

"I'm happy you are, you are absolutely gorgeous," he tells a clearly embarrassed Sarah. "You look lovely, honestly, you really do!"

When she interrupts his stream of compliments and asks him to "just let me order" he asks her if she needs "Sarah time" and then tells the entire restaurant she needs 'Sarah time' as his date shrinks in her seat with her hand her over her face.

We can't wait to see how this one pans out!

Sarah on First Dates Ireland
Sarah on First Dates Ireland

Also in tonight's episode laid back barista Eoghan dates Karen and Rebecca hopes to meet her tall, dark and handsome man in father of two Gareth.

First Dates Ireland, RTE 2, 10.05pm tonight (after Eurovision).


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