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WATCH: 'If you don't vote for Trumpy, there will be wars and monsoons and locusts' - Will and Grace is back with teaser episode

Sasha Brady

Published 27/09/2016 | 09:17

Will and Grace is back with a teaser episode
Will and Grace is back with a teaser episode

The cast of Will and Grace have reunited with a teaser episode following a weekend of teasing fans with cryptic messages.

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Over the weekend Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Sean Hayes and Megan Mullally all shared cryptic messages on social media which hinted at the show's return.

A video was posted with a not-so-subtle message which read: "A band of heroes WILL assemble… to protect the world from aliens AND destruction… only an act of GRACE can save them… in their battle for what IS right… only they can bring America BACK from the brink."

In case you didn't get that, 'Will and Grace is back' was highlighted in red.

And in the hours before the 2016 US presidential debate, the much-loved comedy show released a 10-minute teaser episode, featuring a scene about the upcoming election.

After a 10-year absence from TV screens the cast were back to encourage voters to get out and support Hilary Clinton.

In the scene, Karen (Mullally) walks in on Will (McCormack) and Grace (Messing) discussing the election and drops a bombshell when she announces she's voting for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. He's one of her "oldest friends," she says -- she even helped him "pick out Melania," referring to the business mogul's wife.

Jack (Hayes) is undecided about his vote and enlists a crop of pop stars to influence his decision, despite Karen's attempts top sway him to her side.

"Honey, if you don't vote for Trumpy, there will be wars and monsoons and locusts and hordes of brown people pouring over our borders from every direction," she says.

"I mean, it's one thing if you're sitting in the audience at 'Hamilton,' but do you really want to see those people everywhere?"

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