Wednesday 26 July 2017

WATCH: Hysterics as Celebrity Big Brother housemates think David Gest and not David Bowie has died

Angie tries to calm Tiffany down
Angie tries to calm Tiffany down
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

An unfortunate misunderstanding resulted in emotional scenes and conflict on Celebrity Big Brother on Tuesday night.

Housemates mistakenly believed that their fellow housemate David Gest had died after Angie Bowie emerged from the Diary Room and announced, "David is dead".

Angie had been married to Bowie from 1970 to 1980 and they have a son, Duncan Jones, together.

She was told off camera about Bowie's death on Monday and then entered the Diary Room to talk about her feelings to Big Brother.

Tiffany can't cope with the news David has died
Tiffany can't cope with the news David has died

When she emerged from the Diary Room she encountered Tiffany Pollard who assumed she meant David Gest when Angie said 'David' had died.

David Gest was actually asleep in the bedroom having felt ill earlier in the day.

Tiffany went into hysterics despite the fact that Angie had confided in her and had wanted to keep the news of David Bowie's death a secret.

Angie said, "I love you, stop it!  They're all gonna know!" to which Tiffany, still thinking she meant David Gest, replied, "You're playing.  I know you're joking."

Angie regrets telling Tiffany
Angie regrets telling Tiffany

Angie said, "Are you crazy? Would I do something like that to you? It just happened now, cancer.  Please stay calm... this is not what I planned to do."

Tiffany did not remain calm, however, and went ot the garden to tell the housemates what had happened, or what she thought had happened.

However, the housemates checked on David Gest and found he was very much alive in the bedroom.

Angie returned to the Diary Room and declared it a "comedy of errors".

John Partridge, who had comforted Angie in the Diary Room earlier, told everyone what was actually happening and most of the housemates ganged up on Tiffany.

Jonathan Cheban then left the house.


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