Friday 28 April 2017

WATCH: Elaine Crowley takes on the ultimate cooking nightmare in Operation Transformation

Elaine Crowley takes on a cooking nightmare in Operation Tranformation. Photo: RTE
Elaine Crowley takes on a cooking nightmare in Operation Tranformation. Photo: RTE

Is there anything more terrifying than cooking for a big group of people?

Elaine Crowley has won over Operation Transformation audiences with her honesty, even admitting to viewers that she gained weight due to "loneliness".

The Midday presenter (39) is competing in the weight-loss series alongside fellow celebs Gerald Kean, Karl Spain, Brenda Donohue and Katherine Lynch.

She's accepted the challenges presented to her with a brave face and determination but on Wednesday night's episode the 39-year-old will do something she's never done before... cook for 10 people.

Elaine returns to her home village of New Twopothouse in County Cork to visit Baltydaniel National School - where her late father was the principal - to see their healthy eating programme.

While at home, the presenter cooks one of the Operation Transformation recipes for her family.

Now cooking for one is stressful enough if you're not confident in the kitchen but you only have yourself to worry about if anything goes wrong. Cooking for 10 people, however, has the potential to be a disaster.

It's even worse if the people you're preparing a meal for are your family. Why? Because they're not worried about offending you and will slate any poor attempts... even Elaine's mother is worried she'll poison her.

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While she's happy with the progress she's making, the TV star admitted agreeing to do the show was no easy decision.

"I got the phone call to come on and I was thinking, 'What? I'm not doing this' and then I worried so much about the decision that I ate myself almost two stone heavier," she recently told the Herald.

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