Thursday 23 February 2017

WATCH: Dermot Bannon's reaction to THAT 'Room to Improve' cartoon

Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Dermot reacts to Twisted Doodles 'Room to Improve' cartoon
Dermot reacts to Twisted Doodles 'Room to Improve' cartoon

A cartoon summarising how each episode of RTE show Room to Improve pans out has been circulating online for a couple of weeks and the team at RTE have finally shown it to show architect Dermot Bannon.

The cartoon charts the process from when the featured homeowners ask Dermot to fix their house and he draws up plans based on what they want.

The homeowners are then shown saying they don't like the plans and fight with Dermot throughout the entire episode.

Dermot asks himself, "Why do I do this?".  Then the builder pops up and declares there are problems with the build which sends the project over budget.

Dermot and the homeowners are then seen fighting over colours. However, they love the finished house (well, one of them does, the other remains mute).

"Why don't they listen to me?" says Dermot in the final sketch of the cartoon.

Watching the cartoon, Dermot appears to approve, commenting, "Funny, but they've got it so right!".

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