Wednesday 29 March 2017

Voice of Ireland results: Bressie's 'brilliant' battlers reduce Rachel to tears

Nerissa and Sean
Nerissa and Sean
Ciaran O'Driscoll and Alex Sykes
Aaron Carroll and Luke Ray
Johnny Garvey and Jordan O'Neill
Johnny Kohlmeyer Vs Hannah Ferguson
Mary Ward
Kelsey Hoare
Martin Bonner Vs Georgina Richmond
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Voice of Ireland coach Rachel Stevens was reduced to tears by the battle between two of Bressie's contestants on Sunday night's show.

In the final battles round of the series ahead of next week's knockouts, Bressie pitted Donegal singer Nerissa Moore (24) against Navan native Sean Byrne (21) with Bruce Springsteen's Secret Garden.

Although the duo failed to impress Bressie with their work ethic during rehearsals, the performance on the night blew the coaches away.

"That was so moving and emotional, that really got me, I really loved it," she said.


Fellow coach Kian Egan also loved their performance, "If I was sitting at home and saw you on the late Late Show perform that I would think, I am going to buy that record."

Despite the clashes in recent weeks, Una Foden was full of praise for Bressie's song choice, labelling it 'Bressie brilliant'.

Bressie opted to keep Nerissa for the live shows, but Kian bagged him in the steal, saying he wanted him at the blind auditions and "there was no way I was letting you go home tonight".

On Team Rachel Johnny Garvey (34) from Galway and 2FM Wildcard Jordan O'Neill went head to head with James Bay's Let it Go, but Johnny was the stronger singer on the night and Rachel let Jordan go.

Next up was Luke Ray Lacey from Carlow singing Ed Sheeran's Bloodstream against Aaron Carroll on Team Kian.  Kian opted to save "the stronger singer" Luke.


Una's team went country with Hurts So Good by Kenny Chesney and Gretchen Wilson sung by Hannah Ferguson and Johnny Kohlmeyer.

Una put Johnny through while Rachel stole Hannah as she was "too good a singer not to go through to the lives".


Bressie's second battle saw another 2fm Wildcard, Georgina Moore (30) from Belfast going up against Martin Bonner (34) from Derry.  They sang Gimme Shelter by the Rolling Stones and both impressed the coaches.

"I wanted ye to lose the plot and you did what I asked," said Bressie, before he put Georgina through.


Kian’s last battle of the night was with Law student Kelsey Hoare (20) and Waterford mum Mary Ward (25).


Kian chose the well known song Walking in Memphis by Marc Cohen, but while Kelsey knew it Mary had never heard it and between them they spend a lot of time trying to get the melody right.

Kian said he was torn but chose Mary to go through.


Rachel didn't make things easy for the last battle of the night between Ciaran O'Driscoll (27) from Derry and Belfast's Alex Sykes with Sia's Chandelier.

The coaches were torn on who to take through with Kian supporting Alex and Una supporting Ciaran.  Rachel chose Ciaran to go through.


Next week (March 20) Live Knockouts begin:

Team Kian: Darragh Lee / Mary Ward / Kelesa Mulcahy

Team Rachel: Laura O’Connor / Nik McDonald / Hannah Ferguson

Team Bressie: Nicky Wicks / Michael Lawson / Lola Arisekola

Team Una: Eimear Crealey / Sophie McDermott / Emmie Reek

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