Friday 28 July 2017

‘They’re treating Marnie like a piece of meat’ – Viewers react to last night's Celebrity Big Brother

Lewis and Marnie. Photo: Channel 5
Lewis and Marnie. Photo: Channel 5

Geraldine Gittens

Viewers of last night’s Celebrity Big Brother were a little non too pleased by the actions of its contestants around Marnie Simpson.

While Bear and Lewis talked about how they liked the Geordie Shore star, viewers took to Twitter last night to vent their frustrations that she was not "a piece of meat".

Bear was seen boasting to Lewis, 'I could kiss her if I wanted to! I can do what I want!' to which Lewis retorted: 'But I like Marnie…'

Heavy piped in to suggest that if Marnie didn't want Bear's advances she would have told him so.

Heavy's comments and provocations nearly caused things to boil over at one stage, as Lewis angrily said: 'If you wanna go, I'll go right now.'

Lewis and Marnie later were seen on camerea going under the covers together.

Here's what the viewers had to say:

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