Saturday 25 March 2017

The Voice of Ireland Battles contestant faces double blow as Una hits steal button a second too late

Ciara Freeman missed out on a steal because Una hit her button too late
Ciara Freeman missed out on a steal because Una hit her button too late
Stephanie Vs Matheus - The Voice of Ireland
Alison Vs Jessica - The Voice of Ireland
Nick Vs Carl - The Voice of Ireland
Ciara Vs Jasmine - The Voice of Ireland
Emmie Vs Ashley - The Voice of Ireland
Michael Vs Donna - The Voice of Ireland
Sarah Vs Kirsty - The Voice of Ireland
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

A Voice of Ireland contestant faced a double blow on tonight's episode as she lost her battle and then lost out being stolen by Una Healy as the coach pressed her button too late.

Ciara Freeman from Co Down was on Team Kian and was up against Jasmine Kavanagh singing Adele's Hello in the Battles.

Kian opted to put Jasmine through to the next round and the other coaches had just 5 seconds to decide whether or not they wanted to steal Ciara.

Una wanted to add Ciara to her team but pressed her button a fraction of a second too late.

Ciara had a tough week as she was criticised on social media and branded a 'wagon' by trolls for questioning the other coaches' decisions not to turn for her at the blind auditions.

Ciara Jasmine 2.jpg  

In the first week of battles each team had two pairs battling it out for a place in the next stage - the live knock outs.

The first battle came from Team Rachel with Matheus Soares (21) from Navan and Stephanie Anketell (26) from Clare going head to head with Sam Smith's The Writing's on the Wall.

Rachel chose Matheus and both Kian and Bressie tried to steal Stephanie.

Kian said, "You made it your own, you stood out a mile to me. I would have chosen you over Matheus".  His compliments worked as Stephanie chose to join his team.

Stephanie Matheus 2.jpg  

Team Una came next with Ashley Crowe (29) Clare going up against alter ego Emmie Reek (27) from Kildare. After much controversy they decided to sing Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.

Emmie was chosen by Una but nobody pressed their button to save Ashley.

emmie ashley 1.jpg  

Patience from Guns N Roses was the song chosen by Michael Lawson (19) and Donna McDade (20) on Team Bressie.  The coaches were divided by Bressie chooses Michael and it was the end of the road for Donna as nobody opted to steal her.

michael donna.jpg  

Rachel chose Unwritten by Natasha Bedingfield for Alison Rushe (20) and Jessica Brett (18) to sing.

Una thought the round was a bit sour as the girls were really fighting for it.  Rachel saves Alison but Jessica is not stolen by anyone.

alison jessica 2.jpg  

Back to Team Una, Dubliners Sarah Daly (27) and Kirsty Rose (20) sang Red Hot Chilli Peppers Under the Bridge.

Kirsty was the first artist to sing at this year’s blind auditions and Una bagged her on her team straight away. Sarah had had to wait until the last note of her blind audition for Una to hit the big red button.

After the battle Una said, “It’s a very tough choice, I’ve no idea what I’m going to do,” as she’s nudged along by Kathryn for an answer and she struggles to pick but chooses to take Kirsty Rose through to the next stage with none of the coaches choosing to steal Sarah.

Sarah Kirsty 2.jpg  

The final pairing was for Team Kian with Londoner Nick McDonald (41) facing Meath man Carl Gillick (25).  Neither artist was thrilled with Kian's choice of Foo Fighters' The Pretender.

Both of them shone in the battle but Kian chose Karl even though Nick had prompted all four coaches to turn at the blind audition. Thankfully, Rachel stole him for her team.

Carl Nik 1.jpg  

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