Sunday 22 October 2017

Settled Traveller John Connors to be joined on screen by family members for Love/Hate season 5

Laura Butler

Laura Butler

Everyone is gearing up for the anticipated return of Love/Hate in October and for one of the cast members, it’ll be a case of art imitating life.

Starring in season five of the gangland hit is Coolock native and settled Traveller John Connors.

The 24-year-old appears as pipe-bomb maker Patrick in the award-winning RTE series and for him, the job became a family occasion.

In the next instalment of the programme viewers will see a string of his relatives on-screen.

Actor John Connors in Love/Hate
Actor John Connors in Love/Hate

“I got to spend a lot of time with my family because we shot scenes in their halting site and many of my cousins ended up applying to be extras,” he told

“If there was a line in the script up for grabs they’d all come running, or I’d audition them for fake parts – it was great fun.”

Love/Hate has earned John plenty of respect from his family, as he admitted they were not too keen on his career choice initially.

“When I first started acting most of my family didn’t know what to think, because when you’re a traveller you have to do manly things, so it was a shock for them.

“It took them a few years to get their head around it and now they like it – I also have dozens of cousins now wanting to be actors, which is nice,” he said.

Last year John starred in Mark O'Connor's feature film, 'King of the Travellers' with Love/Hate co-star Peter Coonan.

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