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'I got death threats after Tallafornia', says Kelly Donegan

Published 23/05/2016 | 07:20

Kelly Donegan
Kelly Donegan

Former reality star Kelly Donegan said that she was once told to kill herself after appearing on TV3's Tallafornia.

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The body-building beauty, who has just written a fitness book, said that going on the controversial reality show had huge repercussions for her personal life and she received a lot of negativity from some social media users.

Instagram @ItsKellyDonegan
Instagram @ItsKellyDonegan

In a particularly nasty Tweet, one person even urged her to take her own life.

However, she said that other cast members "got it much worse" than she did and she's now in a much better place in her life.

Kelly (left) with her former Tallafornia cast-mates (Photo: Kyran O'Brien)
Kelly (left) with her former Tallafornia cast-mates (Photo: Kyran O'Brien)

"I think you have to feel sorry for those kind of people who insult people online. For me, writing this book was like 'I don't care what you think of me, I'm doing something positive for other people,'" she said.

The former reality star (26) has transformed her body - and her life - and has put pen to paper for a new book, Build Your Own Body, with all her best work-out tips.

"Working out helped me control my life at a time when I couldn't control anything else. I've never had such a strong and healthy body, and I wanted to share that fact with other women," she said.


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