Monday 25 September 2017

Brendan O'Carroll lands newspaper editor in hot water for 'pornographic' headline

Brendan O'Carrol on The Local Eye
Brendan O'Carrol on The Local Eye
The Northside People pitches to Brendan O'Carroll

Brendan O’Carroll created trouble for a newspaper editor when he suggested a “pornographic” headline to be shown on Mrs Brown’s Boys.

Fans of Mrs Brown's Boys will know that Mrs Brown loves to sit down and read the Northside People while her bizarre friends and family pass by the kitchen, and on tonight’s episode of The Local Eye on RTE, viewers get to see just how the quirky headlines are made.

However, when Brendan O’Carroll himself gets involved in creating a headline, it goes to print without being approved by senior management and is then scrapped because it’s “deemed to be unfit for release.”

Group editor of the Northside People Tony McCullagh suggests to O’Carroll over Skype the headline: “Lapdance club divides pubic opinion.”

The Northside People pitches to Brendan O'Carroll
The Northside People pitches to Brendan O'Carroll

“The word that we probably fear most as editors is public because if you leave out a certain letter, that’s what you get,” he says. 

O’Carroll suggests dropping the word opinion, leaving the headline as: “Lapdance club divides pubic," and it goes to print.

However, senior management of the publication were less than impressed with the headline, and said it was too “pornographic” for the paper’s brand, resulting in it being scrapped.

“If you get involved with a show like Mrs Brown’s Boys you are either all in or you’re not. I have always been all in. It is like fantasy journalism for us. It is writing the headlines that you would never get to write,” said McCullagh.

The Local Eye airs Thursday nights at 7pm on RTÉ One. 

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