Saturday 19 August 2017

Did a University Challenge contestant confuse Ireland with an island in the Baltic Sea? Newsdesk Newsdesk

Could the captain of a University Challenge team really have confused Ireland with an island off the coast of Sweden?

Audience members were left divided after Edinburgh team captain Joe Boyle seemed to name Ireland when asked the name of a Scandinavian island.

Twitter users were left baffled at Boyle's answer, which even seemed to leave host Jeremy Paxman speechless.

Other Twitter users were quick to point out that Boyle's answer may have sounded like Ireland, but it was actually Åland - an  autonomous and demilitarised region of islands close to Finalnd.

Either way, the answer was incorrect, as a team member for Durham correctly answered Gotland.

Despite the confusion, Edinburgh won the round and are through to the next episode with a final score of 190 to 155.

So what do you think? Did he say Ireland or Åland?

Did he actually say Ireland or did he mean Åland?

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