Thursday 30 March 2017

10 things we learned from the new Gilmore Girls trailer

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Amy Mulvaney

Amy Mulvaney

The trailer for Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life landed on Tuesday and it dropped so many hints.

While we eagerly wait for the Gilmore Girls revival to be released on November 25th, here's 10 things we learned from the new trailer:

1. Luke and Lorelai are together


Promotional shots from the revival have hinted at this, but seeing Luke and Lorelai lock lips at the end of the trailer has confirmed our hopes.However, there seems to be trouble in paradise as it appears that Lorelai is speaking to a therapist, telling her that her and Luke are happy, although she doesn't seem convinced.

2. Rory is travelling the world


Shots of New York and London show that Rory is travelling the world, possibly as a freelance journalist. She says she wants to be "rootless," but is concerned that she has no job.

3. The Gilmores haven't changed their diet


Within the first few seconds, Chinese, Greek and Italian food is mentioned, as well as hot dogs, tater-tots and mini donuts.

4. Someone might be pregnant


Fans are convinced that someone is pregnant in the revival, but who is it? Luke seems concerned about what Rory is eating, possibly hinting that she is with child. However, he has always been concerned about her diet and Rory seems to be drinking alcohol several times in the trailer. A previously released photo of an apple and Pop Tarts opens speculation that Lorelai is pregnant, as they're the foods she craved when she was pregnant with Rory, although there's no hint of her being pregnant in the trailer.

5. Richard is thoughtfully remembered


Edward Hermann, who played Richard Gilmore, passed away in 2014 and his absence can be felt in the trailer. Emily commissions a wall-sized portrait to be made of him, and his funeral features in one of the episodes.

6. Emily reads The Life Changing Magic of Tidying


It appears that Emily reads Marie Kondo's famous book, which encourages people to clear out their homes based on how their possessions make them feel. She says she is decluttering her life and getting rid of any items that don't give her joy, and is shockingly wearing jeans.

7. Jess and Rory are friends


It seems that Rory and Jess have stayed friends throughout the years as she sits down to tell him what's going on in her life. Jess holds the only speaking role of Rory's past lovers in the trailer.

8. Dean is still in Stars Hollow


Dean can be seen in Doose's market, where he and Rory first kissed.

9. Logan is in London


It appears that Logan has continued to run his family's business in London, which is where he left off at the end of the last season. It also appears that Rory visits London on her travels - but is it for work or to see Logan?

10. Rory is back at Chilton


Shots from the trailer and promotional images released show Rory and Paris back at Chilton, possibly for a reunion or for professional reasons.

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