Friday 20 January 2017

Stars on Today FM

Pat Fitzpatrick

Published 10/10/2016 | 02:30

Ian Dempsey
Ian Dempsey
Matt Cooper
Alison Curtis
Dermot and Dave
Anton Savage

As Sarah Caden talks to radio star Louise Duffy, our reporter takes a look at some other top broadcasters from Today FM.

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Ian broke into TV with Dempsey's Den. Children's TV has been a starting point for so many stars who remain popular and relevant today. Not to mention Ray D'Arcy. Ian was recently inducted into the PPI Radio Hall of Fame. It's the thing everyone in radio wants after a secure job, their own jingle, a bit of voice-over work and their own mug. Ian (55) announced he is getting a tattoo for a good cause. He wants to put it somewhere it can't be seen. For most middle-aged men, that would be their toes.



Matt is going to present TV3's Six Nations rugby coverage when they take over from RTE in 2018. The big question is who will be the match commentator. It will be hard to find another Ryle Nugent. His high-pitched voice is so posh, there are times it can only be heard by dogs and women in D4. It would be wrong to say that Matt's hit radio show, The Last Word, is aimed at men. The mix of sport, politics and economics appeals to his female listeners. Both of them, says you.



The lunchtime show features Dermot Whelan, an accomplished comedian you will remember from shows such as The Panel and Republic of Telly. His partner is called Dave (the Sideshow bit is silent). They have a slot on the show called 'Say Stuff that Suits the Music'. That's where Dave plays music and Dermot says something appropriate. You can do it at home. Play the intro to Adele's Hello and say, "Turn that rubbish off now, we only like her when she's sad."



She's Canadian. Canada has a population of 35m, rising to 200m if Donald Trump wins the election. Or 202m if Hillary wins. Alison became an Irish citizen recently. This involves an Irishness test, including questions like, "Do you know Gerry, his sister is a teacher from back along?" Pass the test and it's just a matter of raising your right hand and saying, "I pledge to shout sorry at people in order to get their attention." Failte romhat.



He really has a great name for radio. It also sounds like the name of a painting you'd see in a nobby boutique art gallery. "I call this Ant On Savage. As you can see, it depicts a little ant on Nigel Farage. For me, it represents the frightening power of bigotry, as well as an opportunity to get a grant from The Arts Council. Ye're all juiced up now on the old free wine so I'll start the bidding at, let's see, 40 grand. No? OK, €300."

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