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Sex, lies and selfies - Paul Brennan's new nightmare in RTE's Fair City

Published 08/01/2014 | 13:16

Fair City Eps 10
TX:  Wednesday 8th January  2014
Jane prepares to trap Paul 
Jane - Rachel Pilkington
Paul - TOny Tormey
Jane don's lingerie as she prepares to 'trap' Paul in a bid to extort €40,000 from him
Fair City Eps 4
TX:  Sunday 29th December 2013
Yvonne reveals to Bela she was raped
Yvonne - Ciara O'Callaghan
Bela - Jim Bartley
Jane takes a selfie of herself and unconscious Paul in her bed for her blackmail scheme
Fair City Eps 8
TX:  Sunday 5th January  2014
Paul believes that Jane has cancer
Paul - Tomy TOrmey
Jane - Rachel Pilkington
Paul (Tony Tormey) believes that former love Jane (Rachel Pilkington) has cancer in RTE's Fair City

How does Fair City's Paul Brennan get himself into these situations?

You would think after his woman troubles, he'd know better.

But the Carrigstown lothario finds himself in a difficult situation - and for once, it's actually not his fault.

Paul finds himself the victim of a shocking blackmail pot when Jane takes him to bed in a bid to extort €40,000 from him.

Viewers have seen Jane (Rachel Pilkington) persuade Paul and wife Niamh to part with €40,000 to fund her cancer treatment.

However, when Paul demands to know the name of the clinic so he can pay the next instalment, Jane becomes desperate.

Tonight, viewers will see Jane bring Paul back to her apartment on the pretext of getting the documentation.

She accuses him of not believing her when she tells him the clinic has insisted on paying instalments.

But when he's distracted, she spikes his drink.

When Paul becomes disorientated, she brings him to her bedroom and lies him on the bed.

She then changes into some lingerie and jokes with Paul that he should get ready for his close-up.

As Paul lies unconscious on the bed, Rachel gets close to him and takes a 'selfie', which appears to show the two of them together in a clinch.

The following day, she tells a horrified Paul that they slept together and she has the proof.

She shows him the pictures on her phone and Paul is terrified that she will tell his wife Niamh.

He then demands that she take the morning after pill.

Paul, played by Tony Tormey, sees no way out of the situation unless he pays €40,000 to Jane and hopes that she won't tell his wife.

Jane is the mother of Paul's son Callum, whom he only met in April of last year.

Viewers were told Callum was the result of a brief rendezvous Paul had with Jane during USA 94.

Callum met with his father for the first time last year - and some months later his mother Jane followed him to Carrigstown.

In November, scheming Jane saw a savings account for Paul and Niamh in which it showed they had €74,000.

Tune into Fair City tonight at 7.30pm on RTE One


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