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Pixar Theory blog post goes viral with over 200,000 shares

Clare Cullen

Published 19/07/2013 | 16:13

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Theory: Jon Negroni Infographic: Buzzfeed.com
Theory: Jon Negroni Infographic: Buzzfeed.com
Theory: Jon Negroni Infographic: Buzzfeed.com

A blog post entitled 'The Pixar Theory' has gone viral with over 200,000 shares and countless parodies on Tumblr, some with over 300,000 shares.

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Jon Negroni, the man behind the Pixar Theory, claims he was inspired by a video on Cracked.com that floated the idea of Pixar movies existing in the same universe. He explains; "After watching the Cracked.com video, I wrote down a really rough version of the theory in the comments and posted it on Facebook. It got a lot of attention from my friends and people really seemed to like the concept. Over the next few months, I just kept making more and more connections as I explained the theory to people."

Jon had to watch hours of Pixar films in order to make sure his theory was tangible. "I re-watched each Pixar film at least twice over the course of a year, taking notes and rewriting the theory over and over again."

Jon posted a blog post explaining the theory to his website Jonnegroni.com, and it was picked up and shared by many websites. Many of these created infographics based on the theory, including American entertainment site Buzzfeed, whose version can be seen in the photo gallery above.

Jon thinks the success of his Pixar Theory is based on the devoted fans of Pixar evolving and sharing his theory on their own. While he hasn't been contacted by anyone at Pixar, he has received other job offers and he says "I did get tweeted at by Lee Unkrich, the director of 'Toy Story 3'. It was a simple, humorous nod to my theory that sent my fanboy side spiraling. 

Toy Story is Jon's favourite Pixar movie, and after watching them all so much he's spotted some quirks  and inside jokes by the creators that makes him enjoy the films even more. "At the end of all this, all I really take away from this is how much love and detail the Pixar animators put into their movies. It's what really makes fun theories like mine possible and fun to read."

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