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Pick of the Week: 07/03/2008

Music - Rock critic John Meagher

Adrian Crowley TIPPED BY many – this writer included – to win the Choice Music Prize last week, the Galwegian was narrowly beaten by surprise winners Super Extra Bonus Party.

Note to self – never bet on the likely winner of this event again. Anyway, Crowley has no doubt picked himself up, dusted himself down and is getting on with things.

Upstairs in Whelan’s is a perfect setting for the sparse, intimate and beautifully observed songs that made his fourth LP, Long Distance Swimmer, such a glowingly received album. Crowley’s singing style has been compared to Nick Drake and Tim Buckley; his musical style to Badly Drawn Boy.

And if, after the gig, you’re still looking for another Adrian Crowley fix, he is featured on RTE 2’s Other Voices that night at 11.30pm.

Movies - Film critic paul Whitington

In Bruges

PLAYWRIGHT MARTIN McDonagh won an Oscar the first time he made a short film, and his feature debut is almost as impressive. Starring Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson and Ralph Fiennes, In Bruges is a darkly comic crime yarn set against the backdrop of a beautiful medieval city.

Farrell and Gleeson are Ray and Ken, a pair of London hitmen who are dispatched to Belgium to lie low in the aftermath of a botched killing. Sent to kill an uncooperative priest, Ray blew an adjacent child’s head off, and the pair arrive in Bruges to await further instructions.

What they don’t know is that their psychotic boss Harry wants Ken to kill Ray, and when Ken finds this out he’s faced with a big fat dilemma.

Surreal, surprising and extremely funny, In Bruges sparkles with ideas and invention, and Gleeson, Farrell and most especially Fiennes, are excellent.

Arts - Arts editor Sophie Gorman

Venince at Farmleigh

ARTIST ANDY Warhol, actor Stephen Rea and Oscar-nominated cinematographer Seamus McGarvey are just three of the pieces of an extraordinary artistic project on show at the Farmleigh Gallery in Phoenix Park. They are components of film installations by Dublin artist Gerard Byrne and Derry artist Willie Doherty, who showed the works at the 2007 Venice Biennale Exhibition.

Byrne’s installation is based on microfilm records of early issues of Warhol’s Interview magazine, filmed on location at the New York Theatre Workshop. Doherty’s Ghost Story is about the fickleness of memory as a narrator pieces together images from disparate memories, dreams and premonitions. With McGarvey as its cinematographer and Rea as its narrator, this is a little bit special.

Style - Stylist Suzie Coen

Canvas Sneakers

AFTER YEARS in the fashion wilderness, the preppy canvas sneaker is back. Fresh to River Island this spring is a new range of classic pumps, designed to give every outfit a modern edge.

Either lace up, Velcro strapped or slip on, they centre on bright colours like orange, tomato red and lime green but also offer more muted tones such as black, white and grey. Added design details include patent trims, two-tone colourways and side-zip leather and canvas hi-top styles.

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