Friday 22 September 2017

My perfect weekend: Sybil Mulcahy

Presenter, the Morning show with Sybil & Martin

The plan for Saturday night?

I've stayed in the past two weekends in a row, so the plan is to definitely hit the tiles this weekend. Thanks for reminding me.

Must see gig/performance of the weekend?

Saving myself for Stevie Wonder next Thursday at the O2.

Pub / restaurant / club you couldn't live without ...

I don't mind going anywhere as long as my friends are there. I do like O'Donoghue's on Merrion Row. On a warm summer evening, you can sit outside and smoke. I like Town Bar and Grill for food.

Best weekend ever?

Anything that involves the babysitter staying over and minding the kids until noon. Better still, being abroad in a hot country! I went away to a friend's wedding in Mallorca last year for the weekend, and had a lie-in for the first time in about three years.

Worst weekend ever?

When it is lashing rain and I have to occupy the kids. Indoor activity centres are fun for a three-year-old -- to me they smell of feet and involve bad coffee.

Favourite pre-going out ritual?

Pouring myself a glass of wine, going upstairs to get ready and putting on make-up in peace. Normally, what happens is the babysitter arrives and I tear up the stairs in a panic before the taxi comes.

Top post-pub munchies?

Chipper chips with garlic mayonnaise. I don't do frozen pizzas anymore -- there was an incident with the fire brigade in the past!

Weirdest taxi queue moment?

If I've been out, I'm not terribly good at remembering taxi queues!

Best chat-up line at 2am?

Are you awake?

Your perfect date?

My husband. Of course if he is out with the lads, I quite fancy the actor Timothy Olyphant.


Sybil Mulcahy presents The Morning Show with Sybil and Martin, weekdays at 11am on TV3

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