Tuesday 26 September 2017

WATCH: Prince gives Radiohead’s Creep the Prince treatment

Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Fans at Coachella in 2008 were treated to a rendition of Radiohead's Creep by Prince, but the clip has not surfaced online until now.

Well, it has, but it was always removed as Prince issued takedown notices for any videos uploaded to YouTube.

However, Radiohead's Thom Yorke asked him to reverse his decision, "Really? He’s blocked it? Well, tell him to unblock it. It’s our … song.”

However, Prince recently tweeted a link to the video on YouTube, which the poster captioned, "Copyright reserved to RADIOHEAD, the original authors of this song, who have granted me permission to upload this video through the above remarks. Needless to say, no copyright infringement intended."

So here, it is (with its very long intro) - enjoy:

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