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Wednesday 7 December 2016

Scandi cello album is an acquired taste

Album Review: Linnea Olsson Ah! (Gotterfunk Produktions)

Published 25/01/2013 | 18:00

Linnea Olsson earned her stripes as a member of Ane Brun's band. Now the Swedish cellist has gone it alone and crafted an album that's highly distinctive – and very much an acquired taste.

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Her cello is to the fore on practically every track and it battles for attention with her Scandi-vocals.

She's not afraid to experiment, as Guilt so palpably proves. The frantic, plucked strings serve to highlight the anguish of her words as she sings: "It hurts so much I want to cry, When I cry it hurts so much, I want to die."

It's not the only occasion on the album in which Olsson seems to be channelling the turmoil of an Ingmar Bergman heroine.

Dinosaur, meanwhile, reveals something of a commercial strain although it, like practically every song here, is likely to be as much loathed as admired.

For those of us happy to be taken somewhere different, Ah! represents a decent calling card, although the lack of focus and over-dependence of the cello grates somewhat.

KEY TRACKS Dinosaur; Guilt

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