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Friday 18 August 2017

Pope Bennie as apathetic as Lazy Gaga

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga

Donal Lynch

We're having a hard time deciding who has given up more with the new Lady Gaga video: Gaga herself or the Catholic Church. Clearly, it's so daring and cutting edge to poke fun at Jesus, especially when other people are getting fatwas declared on them left and right for cartoons. Way to slay a relevant sacred cow, Lady G.

Next, you'll be bravely poking fun at George Bush's foreign policies or rolling out your "Down With Apartheid" video, you rock'n'roll rebel.

Don't you realise that when the whole question over your career is "didn't Madonna do this exact same thing only better and 20 years ago?", it's probably not a good idea to attempt one of her signature moves: p***ing off the clergy. Unless, of course, she was just trying to "update" a story from the Bible, thereby making Christianity "cool" for a whole new audience ... in which case, we really are worried.

But if Gaga is getting lazy, what are we to make of the Church? Even the Catholic League in America said there was nothing at all to worry about -- that the video was a safe little stunt. It's almost as if 20 years of Madonna video imagery has exhausted the Pope's outrage muscle.

He's like that weary, indulgent parent of an older problem child who can only slightly notice that the younger ones might be going off the rails. ("Sure, of course you can wear make-up to school, just don't share it with anyone else in senior infants.")

These days, oul Bennie saves up his anger for the important issues, such as making sure nobody wears a condom while having sex.

Donal Lynch

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