Saturday 21 October 2017

My Top 5 music videos

1. 'Hurt' -- Johnny Cash (2002)

Mark Romanek raids The Man In Black's video archive to present a stunning montage of his extraordinary life and career, all the more poignant for the footage of the aged, weather-beaten Cash in his Tennessee home and his tearful wife June Carter. If you don't have a lump in your throat by the time Johnny, who was close to death, closes the piano lid at the end, you're an android.

2. 'All Is Full Of Love' -- Bjork (1999)

Chris Cunningham's award-winning video for Bjork's soaring synth-driven romantica is once seen, never forgotten. Two female robots get up close and personal in a mechanistic embrace. Cunningham manages to fashion a moment of real sensual intimacy out of the wires and computer circuits of sci-fi machines. So robots have feelings too!

3. 'Take On Me' -- a-Ha (1985)

When I was 14, I had the hots for the Nordic blonde in this video, who finds herself bounced from the pages of a black-and-white comic book into "real life", with only Morten Harket's cheekbones to protect her from the baton-wielding baddies chasing her.

4. 'Don't Give Up' -- Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush (1986)

Peter Gabriel's Sledgehammer was the video that had all the bells and whistles -- stop-motion animation, Gabriel's head made out clay and fruit -- but it was the video for his duet with Kate Bush, Don't Give Up, which had a far greater emotional impact: just Pete and Kate hugging each other for four minutes on a slowly revolving set, as the sun sets. It felt raw and, well, real.

5. 'Buddy Holly' -- Weezer (1994)

A marvellous love letter to Americana as Rivers Cuomo and the gang are expertly inserted into footage of nostalgic 1980s TV sitcom Happy Days, performing in all their geek-chic glory -- beige cardigans, buttoned white shirts and stripey ties. The song's not bad either-- namechecking Mr Holly and Mary Tyler Moore.

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