Wednesday 20 September 2017

Subplots - Autumning album review

Subplots - Autumning
Subplots - Autumning
John Meagher

John Meagher

Subplots - Autumning (Cableattack!! Records) Subplots released a debut album a couple of years ago but it made small ripples. This second album deserves to do a whole lot better and I’d urge anyone with some loose change and an interest in supporting quality local music to invest in this.


Autumning – a very apt name considering the mellow, atmospheric music within – is an utterly captivating album that unfurls rather than explodes. There’s immense craft in the way the myriad of instruments coalesce – and the sophisticated textures never reel forced or contrived.

Vocally, some will be reminded of Bon Iver, and there are tracks on which the Radiohead comparisons are inevitable.

Ultimately though, Phil Boughton and Daryl Chaney are making beautiful music on their own terms.

Key tracks: ‘Wave Collapse’; ‘Colourbars’

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