Thursday 24 August 2017

Twitter can’t cope with Drake’s dad dancing moves in Hotline Bling music

Drake in Hotline Bling
Drake in Hotline Bling
Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Drake is being subjected to quite a lot of ridicule thanks to the video for his new single, Hotline Bling.

The rapper has just released the video on Apple Music and fans have taken to Twitter to good-naturedly (for the most part) take a pop at his dance moves.

A plethora of vines and memes have hit social media although Drake is probably lapping it up given the track is already heading for number one in the US, his first ever, and has already been covered by artists including Erykah Badu and Nick Jonas.

The video is pretty straightforward, kicking off with a group of women in a call centre and progressing to Drake dancing. 

It's his dancing which is causing the biggest stir.  It has been likened to 'dad dancing' and that chunky turtleneck isn't helping...


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