Thursday 23 March 2017

'Real men dance' - Hotline Bling director defends Drake’s dodgy dad dancing

Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Drake in Hotline Bling
Drake in Hotline Bling

When Drake's new video for Hotline Bling landed on Tuesday it went viral and spawned a million memes, thanks in the main to Drake's dodgy dad dancing (and his chunky turtleneck).

Now the video director, Director X, has defended Drake's moves in the video, which released on Apple Music.

He’s a good dancer, man," he told Entertainment Weekly.  "We’re all used to music video dancers being people you need to pay professionally, but that’s legitimate, out-on-the-dancefloor, having fun, dancing right there.

"No, it’s not Chris Brown or Michael Jackson. People need to dance again. I’m always good to promote dancing. Men have stopped dancing. I go to night clubs and I see girls dancing and men not dancing. It’s a horrible thing. I dance. I still have fun. You’ll see me at a club dancing with a girl that I just met.

"Guys really need to understand what all they’re losing by refusing to dance. I go to a night club where I know nobody and I have got a female pressed up against me grinding, and they’re still standing with a glass in their hand doing nothing. So make your choice, boys."

Well said X.  The men of Ireland and beyond should definitely dance more, even if they dance like Drake.

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