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Thursday 23 February 2017

Blur's Graham Coxon calls Kanye West 'a f***ing idiot' and blasts lyrics as 'idiotic'

Aoife Kelly

Aoife Kelly

Graham Coxon of Blur
Graham Coxon of Blur
Blur in 1995

Blur guitarist Graham Coxon has taken a pop at rapper Kanye West.

In an interview with the Guardian, Coxon bemoaned the state of modern music and, referring to West, he said, "He's a fucking idiot, isn't he? Does he even make his own albums?"

He went on to say lyrics are now "idiotic".

"People aren’t interested in learning instruments and putting effort and time into it. They want it immediately. It’s McDonalds, isn’t it? It’s convenient.


"But all I hear is a loop starting, some bloke starts to sing or rap, and the loop finishes. There’s no shape to this stuff. And the lyrics just seem to be idiotic.”

Coxon and Blur are currently touring on the back of their most recent album, The Magic Whip, which released in April after a 15-year hiatus for the band.

He also said the 90s, when Blur were at the height of their fame, was a "massive wasted opportunity to amke good music".

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However, he continued, “Really, the whole music business is shit, isn’t it?

“We need more groups that have a bit more passion or sexiness or politics or something going for them. Instead, it just seems like a splurge of shit all over the internet.

"And it’s just so boring – people in too much makeup with session musicians.”

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