Thursday 30 March 2017

'B**** you're a fan' - Madonna reacts angrily to criticism of Drake kiss

Drake grimaces following Madonna' surprise kiss at Coachella
Drake grimaces following Madonna' surprise kiss at Coachella

Madonna reacted in characteristically confident fashion to the criticism of the surprise kiss she delivered to Drake on stage at Coachella on Sunday.

The 56 year old star was lambasted on social media for snogging rapper Drake (28) as she finished her surprise medley on stage during his headline set at the Californian festival.

However, the defiant singer took to Instagram to respond to the trolls.

'If you don't like me and still watch everything I do... B**** you're a fan,' she posted.

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Madonna was slated to sing Hung Up, Human Nature and Express Yourself during Drake's set whilst the rapper stayed at the back of the stage.

He then moved to the front of hte stage and took a seat on a chair when MAdonna grabbed his head and French kissed him.

Initially he seemed to be okay with the move and tried to touch her hair but she removed his hand.

She later posted the video with this caption, "Dont touch the hair! Lol @coachella @bigasmadonna @b***himmadonna (sic)"

However, when she finally pulled away from kissing him she was standing behind Drake and didn't see his reaction - he scrunched up his face and wiped his mouth.

Sources later told TMZ he simply didn't like the taste of her lipstick and was perfectly fine with the kiss.

Last month the Queen of Pop revealed her one dream in life was to go on a date with the rapper and spend much of it kissing him.

"I wanna ride with you," he then wrote to her on Instagram, "Where too? (sic)," she replied, promoting Drake to explain: "What if I pick you up from your house? We should get out."

"I'm good with that!" Madonna said.

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