Monday 21 August 2017

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Catching A Tiger (Columbia)

John Meagher

John Meagher

What is it about country-tinged pop that can render the judicious listener apoplectic with rage? A few months ago, Lady Antebellum offered an album of smartly produced pap that was Disneyesque in its inoffensiveness and now it's the turn of this young Illinois native to interest elevator music aficionados everywhere.

In fairness, Catching A Tiger is not quite in the turkey basket that Lady Antebellum's debut found itself in, but its beige songs that are already capturing much of the radio playlists will have you switching station.

On the face of it, her middle-of-the-road songs sound fine, but scratch beneath the surface and you will struggle to find a heart there.

Yet, there's a sense that Lissie has something going for her. The raucous Cuckoo has the germ of a good idea but it never quite connects, while the album's best track, When I'm Alone, recalls a young Stevie Nicks. And anything to remind the listener of the Fleetwood Mac singer is always a good thing.

Burn it: When I'm Alone

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