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Saturday 23 September 2017

Ms Dynamite: I'm fearless now!

Ms Dynamite has been working on a new album
Ms Dynamite has been working on a new album

Ms Dynamite has revealed she isn't worried about what people make of her new album - but admitted returning to the music scene was nerve-racking at first.

The rapper and singer - real name Niomi McLean-Daley - is working on fresh material after taking a break to bring up her son Shavaar, eight.

She confessed: "When I first started to perform again and doing shows, I'd literally be standing on stage, just jumping up and down like a lunatic but with this voice in the back of my head going, 'You idiot, you're a grown woman, you've got a child tucked up in bed, who do you think you are running up and down the stage like a 15-year-old?' But quite quickly on, it went. decided I had to conquer this."

The It Takes More star added: "I'm not nervous about how people will react to the new material because I feel like I can only do my best and I'm making the music that I like, and people are either going to like it or they're not. There's no point being nervous about it. I don't have room for nerves."

Ms Dynamite, who worked with top producer Labrinth on new single Neva Soft, said becoming a mother had mellowed her - but insisted she hadn't lost her edge.

"I think in terms of the things that I talk about it's always going to be things that inspire me or things I'm seeing," she added.

"I think my way of expressing it is maybe a bit different. I've gone from being maybe a rebellious, sort of angry teenager to being a rebellious, loving mother. My kind of angle for seeing things is a bit different. Before I was always willing to focus on the problems and the issues, now I'd rather focus on the solutions."

:: Ms Dynamite is part of the line up who will be performing at the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project at Alexandra Palace on November 12. To find out more, visit www.facebook.com/Smirnoff GB

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